Gold Alloys

24K24/24 ths100%0%
18K18/24 ths75%25%
14K14/24 ths58.33%41.67%
10K10/24 ths41.67%58.33% 

 Gold Colors

Mix gold withThe color will be
Copper, silver and zincYellow
Copper, zinc and increased silverGreen
Silver, zinc and increased copperPink
Nickel or palladium, copper and zincWhite


Platinum Metals Group

PlatinumSecond rarest, but also most commonly used as the major metal in platinum jewelry
IridiumUsed with platinum as an alloy and hardener
PalladiumUsed with platinum as an alloy and hardener
RhodiumRarest; often used as a plating for white gold
RutheniumUsed with platinum as an alloy and hardener
OsmiumNot used in jewelry


Platinum Purity

950, 950 Pt or Pt 950At least 95% platinum
900, 900 Pt or Pt 900At least 90% platinum
90 Plat 10 Irid
(or any similar combination)
90% platinum, 10% Iridium
Between 500 and 850 parts per 1000, the alloys must be identified, e.g. "585 Plat 416 Pall."
*Platinum products can legally contain as little as 50 percent platinum if the accompanying alloy is a platinum group metal and the two total at least 95 percent of the content.